The goal of our work is to reduce inequality

Our work is focused on improving the quality of life of people who need it, the activities we carry out range from constructive leisure to social assistance, through the granting of different benefits.

Taking into account the problems in which many countries find themselves, we carry out projects in order to contribute to improving the life conditions of developing countries in the social, cultural, educational, and especially, healthcare fields and nutrition, as well as the comprehensive development of people affected by poverty in those countries.

What we do?

Information, assessment and guidance programmes.

Anti-poverty program.

Camps for children.

Recreational workshops.

Volunteer Training.

Leisure activities aimed at promoting child and youth integration.

International Guidance, Prevention and Infrastructure Construction Programs.

Care to: minors, young people, families, women, men and the elderly.

Youth camps.

Training for leisure and free time instructor.

Group interventions, among which the workshops and meetings with different groups stand out, attending to the specific needs of each one of them.

Intervention and social care


Its purpose is to promote the social inclusion of homeless people through a bus equipped to cover basic needs, advice and support from the work team to promote actions that favor and enhance the achievement of autonomy and allow them to obtain improvement in their life quality.


Aimed at people who are in a situation of extreme need or at risk of social exclusion, offering them a home to live in until they can improve their situation by guiding and advising them.

Un techo una esperanza

Aimed at people who are in a situation of extreme need or at risk of social exclusion, offering them a home to live in until they can improve their situation by guiding and advising them.


Food Bank

It intervenes in the neighborhoods of Tamaraceite (Piletas and Cuidad del Campo), Lomo Blanco, El Fondillo, Jinámar, Las Remudas, El Puerto and Balos. The role is to provide food to people who have been assessed and referred by the municipal social services and our social workers. 
It started in 2010 and currently operative, it has the collaboration of private entities that provide the food to be distributed.

Local Fresh Products Delivery Project

To mitigate the needs of the most vulnerable population on the Island of Gran Canaria, which, as a consequence of the economic paralysis due to COVID 19, caused an increase of the most basic needs for families. 
It began in May 2020.

Social emergency aid management

This intervention is carried out in the neighborhoods of Jinámar, Las Remudas, Tamaraceite (Piletas and Ciudad del Campo), Lomo Blanco, El Fondillo, Doctoral Balos and San Bartolomé de Tijarana to receive different types of social assistance.

​Anti-poverty shock plan

It consists of the assessment of the population for the subsequent distribution of social economic aid among those who need it. The intervention is carried out in the neighborhoods of Telde (Las Remudas, Jinámar), El Fondillo, Lomo Blanco, Tamaraceite (including Cuidad del Campo and Piletas), Santa Lucia (Doctoral and Balos) and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Basic aid for immigrants

Aimed at immigrants in situations of risk and social exclusion in concepts of payment of supplies, rent and food.

Sowing opportunities

Aimed at people in a situation of risk and social exclusion in concepts of payment of supplies, rent and food.

Vulnerable households

Aimed at families with dependent minors in a situation of social exclusion to attend to basic needs through financial aid in different concepts.

New social opportunities

Aimed at people at risk and social exclusion in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in terms of payment for supplies, rent and food.


Promotion of Maternal-child Health in Bamako

Improve the health of pregnant mothers and their children in the city of Bamako. It starts for the first time in December 2016.

Construction of a courtyard at Bamako's School

Aimed at children from infant to 6th grade. Work began in January 2021.

Equatorial Guinea, support for the Talita Cum's school

Offering professional training and facilitating access to works for young people and adults, promote learning to read and write.

Little seeds, 

The objective is to offer education from kindergarten to secondary education, providing a basic knowledge that allows literacy while working in the health area and other basic difficulties that may arise.

Carrying Hope 
Vila Cruzeiro, Brazil

Help improve the socio-educational level of adolescent children and young people living in the Favelas complex, giving classes for students with learning difficulties.


Creando Oportunidades 
(Range of measures to combat social exclusion)

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Avivando Esperanza

Aimed at older people who find themselves in a state of loneliness and abandonment, providing them with tools and various activities to improve their life quality.

Youth and children camps

The general objective of this project is to prevent the social exclusion of children and young people, through the reinforcement of social skills and providing healthy leisure time through positive experiences, contributing to participation in different groups, both with peers and adult population.

Formando Jugando y creciendo en valores:

The main objective is to contribute to improving the life quality of the citizens of Gran Canaria island and to promote the personal and social development of the minor through leisure activities and free time as part of the socio-educational 
process to prevent social exclusion. 
Said subsidy was awarded by the Department of Social Rights, Equality, Diversity and Youth of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Estrechando lazos

Aimed at families with minors residing in the Jinamar neighborhood with the aim of fostering relationships between them. 
To intervene from a social approach with families that are currently at risk of social exclusion residing in the Jinámar Valley.

If you have any questions about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.